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15+ Exclusive Low Fade Haircut Ideas For Men (New 2024)


Is your haircut always looking the same? Boring, right? Well, say bye-bye to boring haircuts! Try a cool & stylish Low Fade Haircuts. 

Imagine a haircut that makes you stand out and look amazing wherever you go! This hairstyle is ideal for both business meetings and parties.

Well, if you want to know how to look extra cool and stylish, this blog is for you! In this, We’ve discussed all about the Fade Haircut and why it’s so awesome. 

You’ll learn how to get it and why this haircut is great for any function. So, if you want to be the coolest man on the block, keep reading and find out all about this trendy Haircut!

History of the Low Fade

The concept of this haircut has roots in the military. It originated in the era when short haircuts were a standard requirement for soldiers. The aim was to promote hygiene and uniformity among military men. 

It began to gain popularity in civilian life in the 1960s and 1970s. African Americans often embrace this haircut with the processed or natural afro. It offered a way to style their natural hair textures while maintaining a neat appearance. 

The hip-hop culture and sports figures partly influence the short low fade haircut in the 1980s and 1990s. In this era, a wider audience adopted this hairstyle. It became a mark of sharp and tailored grooming. 

The fade hairstyles have continued to evolve till now. It has remained a staple in men’s fashion. The adaptability to different hair types, customization, and clean lines are some of the elements contributing to its popularity. 

What are the key traits of a low fade?

Let us break down the key traits of this fade haircut below!

The position of the fade differentiates the low, mid, and high fade haircut. Unlike high or mid fades that start higher up on the head whereas the low taper haircut begins above the ears. 

It works with almost any hairstyle on top because it is more about how the sides transition into shorter lengths. A well-done fade haircut is smooth without any visible lines. However, you can customize this hairstyle to suit individual preferences. 

Due to the lower start, it yields a softer transition. Low fade Men offers fewer styling optins than mid and high fade. Furthermore, it creates a round head appearance upon finishing.

Variations of Mens Low Fade

It is a versatile haircut that serves variations as defined below. 

Low Skin Fade

Low Skin Fade

The ‘low’ signifies where the fading action starts. It starts above the ear and around the back of the head at a lower point. It begins an inch or two above the ears. The fading effect appears closer to the hairline. 

Low Drop Fade

Low Drop Fade

As the name says, the drop fades in a curve behind the ears. It creates a ‘dip’ or ‘drop’ shape to give your haircut a more dynamic look. The term ‘low’ signifies that the fading action starts low on your head. It works with all hair types, i.e., the poker straight to afro. 

Low Burst Fade

Low Burst Fade

This mens low fade variation resembles a sunburst pattern emerging from behind your ears. The burst fading effect is subtle at the beginning, i.e., above the ears, and then bursts outwards. A low fade doesn’t go down to the neck like other fades do.

Low Taper Fade

Low Taper Fade

Low taper haircut is a style that also speaks volumes. The hair remains longer at the top. It gradually becomes short as it moves to the bottom. The hair gently fades from slightly longer to almost skin level. However, the fade looks effortlessly neat and polished. 

Low Temp Fade

Low Temp Fade

A low temp fade is a cool haircut for guys. It makes your hair shorter near your neck and ears. Barbers use clippers with different guards to make the change smooth, so it looks nice without any sharp lines.

High Fade vs. Low Fade

High Fade vs. Low Fade

The high fade begins closer to the bottom of the head. On the other hand, the low skin fade begins lower down on the head. High fade tends to be among more modern & edgy hairstyles. You might need to get the sides trimmed often to keep them neat and make sure the difference stands out.

High fade also elongates the appearance of your face. It starts around the temples or the forehead. On the contrary, fades don’t alter the perceived shape of your face as much. 

It looks more conservative and subtle. Low sides make this cut perfect for those who like to focus on the longer length of hair on top.

15+ Exclusive Low Fade Haircut Ideas For Men

Low Fade with Quiff

Low Fade with Quiff

The quiff haircut originated in medieval times. It derived its name from the word, ‘coiffe’ which refers to a hairstyle. Low taper haircut with quiff is one of the popular variations to add volume and drama. 

Quiff has three varieties: short hair quiff, medium hair quiff, and long hair quiff. The length of hairs on top should be 3 inches for medium hair quiff. Anything shorter is considerable for a short hair quiff and vice-versa. 

This haircut looks good for different events and settings. The fade keeps the sides clean and sharp while keeping the quiff focal point of the look. 

Low Fade with Design

Low Fade with Design

You can create various geometric patterns in the fade. You can integrate them around the temple or at the back of the head. Personalized lines or swirls offer a unique twist to a haircut. 

The slit shave is another popular design to separate your short Low Fade haircut from the hair styled on top. Initials, significant dates, favorite numbers, logos of your favorite sports teams, and icons are creative ways to carry a design-worthy fade haircut. 

However, hair designs grow out quickly. So, you may require regular touch-ups to keep them sharp. Then, begin with something straightforward if you’re new to hair designs. 

Hipster Drop Low Fade Men

Hipster Drop Low Fade

It is a blend of a hipster look and a low drop fade haircut. So, you need to mix all these elements to get a perfect haircut. The fade begins lower on the head while leaving longer hair on top for styling. 

Next, you can add a low drop fade to it. The drop fade dips down in a curve behind the ears instead of a straight line. The last step is to complete the look with the hipster element. 

It means keeping the hair longer on the top and styling it in a cool and unique way. Pair the overall look with a heavy beard for the hipster finishing touch!

Low Fade Curly Hair

Low Fade Curly Hair

It is ideal for curly-haired people desiring to experiment with a faded hairstyle. The top portion showcases natural curls or waves. The Low Fade Curly Hair starts gradually on the sides and back of the head. 

It starts low near the ears and blends upwards into long curls on top. It shows off personal style and maintains a clean, tidy appearance. 

You can style top curls in various ways, from tightly defined curls to a more relaxed look. It is a popular haircut for all age groups. 

Low Taper Fade Straight Hair

Low Fade Curly Hair

The low fade taper with straight hair is highly regarded for its professional look. You can adjust the intensity of the fade while keeping it low. Unlike a traditional fade that starts higher, the taper fade low begins closer to the natural hairline. 

You can comb over straight hairs with a side partition. There are many options to style your straight hair on top. You can make them slightly messy. It’s perfect for personal trips or creative businesses. 

Buzz cuts on top or flat tops are also perfect hairstyles to express your personality. You can try out various styles to discover what fits your face shape best.

Slicked Back Low Fade with Side Part

Slicked Back Low Fade with Side Part

The side partition is the focus element of this style. It adds structure and definition to the overall look. Three components make this hairstyle, i.e., the low skin fade, the side part, and the slicked-back hairstyle.

Create side partitions using a comb and product to maintain the definition. The hairs on top are combed back from the forehead towards the crown. 

You can adjust the intensity of the fade, from a subtle shadow fade to a more defined skin fade. You can opt for short or long hair on top according to your preferences.

Low Fade with Full Beard

Low Fade with Full Beard

The beard shape enhances or softens certain facial features making it an adaptable hairstyle. It also gives a posh and fashion-forward look when combined with a fade haircut. 

This style suits most hair types, ranging from straight to curly. The key is how hair and beard are groomed and maintained. It also suits professional settings when neatly trimmed and properly maintained. 

You can style the hair on top in different ways to complement the beard and fade haircut. Some popular hairstyles include a thick afro, textured brush back, brushed-up fringes, and a low drop fade haircut. 

Textured Low Fade

Textured Low Fade

Textured Low Fade features textured layers. You can achieve textured layers on top through techniques like point cutting. It creates varying lengths of hair strands to produce a layered look. 

The textured haircuts also offer a subtle transition from longer to shorter lengths. The gradient effect is sure to turn heads with its modern appeal. It’s suitable for many hair types and face shapes due to its customized textured top.

The textured fade can be short or messy. You can also combine it with a taper or crop top fade. Nonetheless, these haircuts require regular maintenance to keep the texture sharp and pronounced.

V Shape with Low Fade

V Shape with Low Fade

V-shape is a highly versatile haircut that can blend with any other hairstyle. You can make it a dapper style, insert trendy designs, slicked back on top, ponytail V-cut, and more. 

You can adjust the angle and depth of the V to suit your personality and the shape of the head and neck. Both the fade haircut and V-shape work together to create a cohesive look while balancing the edginess with subtlety.

The key is to adjust the fade with the V-shape that complements one’s features. The faded undercut with the V-shape at the back is a cool idea. It resembles a faux hawk haircut that can be customized.

Afro-Textured Low Fade

Afro-Textured Low Fade

Afro texture enhances the natural texture of hair and brings volume on top. Some famous variations of this haircut include classic fade, fade with twists, fade with curls, fade with partition, tapered afro, fade with designs, and fade haircut with sponge twists. 

Styling your afro-textured hair with fade also offers a neat look. You can leave the top in its natural state or style it accordingly. You can define the curls on top if you have naturally wavy hair. Curls can be defined using products to enhance their appearance. 

Comb Over Low Fade

Comb Over Low Fade

Comb over with long hair, comb over fade with a beard, textured comb over fade, and bleached comb over fade are some variations. The hairs on top are left longer to allow for the combover styling. 

It closely trims the sides and back of the hair. It fades into shorter lengths as it moves down. It starts low above the ears, shifting from the volume on top to the neat sides. 

The partition line creates a distinction for this haircut. It can be a natural part or etched in for a more bolder look. 

Buzz Cut Low Fade

Buzz Cut Low Fade

Buzz cut is known as ‘wiffle cut’ that gained popularity in the late 19th century. Several celebrities have also been spotted with variations of buzz cut fade. 

Brad Pitt’s blonde buzz cut, Zayn Malik’s bold buzz cut, Robert Pattinson’s clean buzz cut, and John Legend has also chosen a buzz cut that works well with curly hair.

The buzz cut features short hairs on the top of the head. It transits to even short hair at the back and sides. This style is famous for being easy to take care of and looking sharp.

Short Low Taper Fade

Short Low Taper Fade

A short low taper fade is an ideal haircut for men with shorter hair. This style features slightly longer hair at the top and shorter lengths around the ears and nape. Several celebrities have also embraced the variations of this faded haircut.

For instance, Christiano Ronaldo is known for his combover fade haircut, while Will Smith has sported a short Afro hairstyle. David Beckham and Ryan Reynolds have opted for variations like the high taper and fade haircuts, respectively.

Low Fade Fluffy Fringe

Low Fade Fluffy Fringe

Fringes are versatile and can take many shapes. Fluffy fringes are perfect for men with thicker hair. The fluffy refers to voluminous and fuller fringes. It also adds playful vibes to the overall look while maintaining a fashionable and professional edge with the fade haircut.

Those with naturally straight hair might opt for a light texturizing product to achieve that coveted fluffiness. The magic of this style lies in its contrast – while the sides and back are kept tidy and close-cropped, the top boasts a generous volume with textured fringes. 

Undercut Low Fade with Beard

Undercut Low Fade with Beard

This haircut goes well with all hair textures as long as you have the length to display it. The undercut portion creates a distinct demarcation line, while the fade offers a smooth transition. 

This hairstyle is particularly appealing due to its low-maintenance nature for men with thick, curly, or fine hair. The fade begins lower on the head. It is about an inch above the bottom. 

It also brings you diverse ways to style your beard. You can start with an extended goatee. It is known as the tailback or Hollywoodian. It resembles the connection of a beard with a mustache. There are several other beard styles. It includes the imperial beard, faded beard, Verdi, and more.

Razor Line Detail with Low Fade

Razor Line Detail with Low Fade

The razor line is a haircutting technique. It uses trimmers or razor blades to create clean and precise lines. You can also call it a ‘razor fade’ haircut. It is the level of sharpness and precision that creates a distinction between a taper fade low and a razor fade.

This hairstyle also adapts effortlessly to different hair types whether it is slicked-back, textured crop, or a modern pompadour. The razor line can be a single straight line, a series of lines, or even more intricate designs.

You get a haircut that is both sharp and understated when you combine razor-line details with a fade haircut.

Wavy Pompadour Low Fade

Wavy Pompadour Low Fade

The wavy pompadour at the top is the highlight of this haircut. These hairs on top are longer than the rest. You can either allow waves to form naturally or with the help of styling products.

You can achieve wavy pompadour through blow-drying while combing the hairs upward and back. Then, set it with a pomade or mousse to define the waves and maintain the lift. 

Styling this haircut with a fade can take some work, especially to keep the volume and waves on top. But using styling products like volumizing mousse, pomade, or sea salt spray regularly can help.

Spiky Top with Low Fade

Spiky Top with Low Fade

The spiky top section ranges from about an inch to a few inches long. It also depends on your preference and ability to hold these spikes. You can style your hair with products. It includes gel, pomade, or wax to achieve a perfect spiky look. 

The sides and the back of the head feature a fade haircut. It smoothly transitions from longer hair at the top to shorter hair at the bottom. The spikes on top can be shorter and less pronounced for a more subdued look. They can be more dramatic and defined for a bolder statement.

DIY Guide to Achieving the Perfect Low Fade (Step By Step)

Tools required

  • Hair clippers
  • Trimmer
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Hair cutting scissors
  • Comb & hairbrush
  • Mirror setup
  • Styling gel or pomade (optional)

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Firstly, start with clean and dry hair. Before you start, make sure to wash and blow-dry your longer hair.

Step 2: Secondly, prepare your hair and keep clippers, guards, and other tools nearby.

Step 3: Start trimming the sides and back. You can choose a long guard for the sides and back and a short guard for the low fade. Make sure the fade is above the ears and extends around the back of the head. 

Step 4: Use a shorter guard to blend the hairs into longer lengths above. You can use clippers without a guard for a tighter fade at the bottom. 

Step 5: Use trimmers to clean up around the ears, back of the neck, or other areas that need a sharper edge. You can also use scissors for a tailored appearance to trim long hairs.

Step 6: Brush off any loose hair. Apply your favorite styling product to give it a perfect finish. You can use L’Oréal Paris Wax, urban gabru hair wax, and ustraa hair fixing spray. You can trust these three products since I have used them.

Low Fade Haircuts Maintenance & Styling Tips By Industry Expert

Maintenance Tips To Keep It Fresh

  • Schedule regular visits to your barber or maintain the fade at home by trimming every 2-4 weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows.
  • Do minor touch-ups at home with a clipper. It extends the time between professional cuts. 
  • Don’t overwash your hair. Use good-quality shampoo and conditioner.
  • Protect your faded haircut from extreme sun, wind, and cold. 
  • Drink enough water and consume enough vitamins and minerals for healthy hair.

Low Fade Best Styling Tips (With Wecommended Products)

  • Select styling products based on your desired look and hair type. 
  • Pomade, wax, or gel can help create various styles, from smooth and polished to textured and tousled.
  • Use your fingers to tousle and separate strands for a more relaxed look.
  • Incorporate a blow dryer into your styling routine to add volume and shape to your hair.
  • Use a low to medium heat setting and a round brush for optimal results.
  • If you have a side part, use a comb to create a clean parting line and apply styling products to keep it in place.
  • Once you’ve styled your hair, use a small amount of product to define the fade lines and any desired details.
  • Try this Bed Head hair wax stick to hold your hair strong and give it a natural shine. 
  • You can also scoop a small amount of Johnny B. Mode Professional hair styling gel to give the preferred shape to your hair. 


So, are you ready to transform your look with a low fade haircut? Each fade haircut promises not only a fresh look but also offers a reflection of individuality. There is a variation for everyone that matches your personal style and face shape. 

The detailed context and considerations regarding each haircut set our guide apart from various haircut blogs. We’ve also mentioned a step-by-step guide on how to achieve a perfect fade haircut. 

Are there any tips you would like to share with our community? Drop us a comment below! Let’s continue this stylish journey together!


  1. What is a low fade haircut?

The fade starts gradually at the sides and the back of your head. It is called ‘low’ because the shortening of hair starts lower on your head, closer to your ears, instead of higher up.

  1. How does a low fade haircut differ from other fade haircuts?

This haircut leaves more room for styling hair on top. The fading effect starts just above the ears and near the neckline. On the contrary, other fades like mid or high, start higher up on the head.

  1. Who are some celebrities that rock the low fade haircut?

Celebrities such as Bruno Mars, Zayn Malik, Michael B. Jordan, and Kendrick Lamar have been noted for rocking variations of the low taper haircut. 

  1. How long does a low burst fade haircut last?

The haircut looks sharp in the first and stays neat until the second or third week. Afterward, the fade effect is much less pronounced due to hair growth. It loses its initial definition and thus requires maintenance to get in shape. 

  1. Is the low fade suitable for all age groups?

Yes, it is suitable for all age groups because of its versatility. It also adapts to different hair styles and types. 

  1. What hairstyles go well with a low taper fade black male?

Popular choices include afros, twists, waves, and short textured cuts that go well with a low taper fade for black male. Additionally, consider your hair type, facial shape, and personal style.


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